python pandas データフレームに空のシリースを追加すると、またしても警告が…

またしても SettingWithCopyWarning の警告が出た。






Since the chained indexing is 2 calls, it is possible that either call may return a copy of the data because of the way it is sliced. Thus when setting, you are actually setting a copy, and not the original frame data. It is impossible for pandas to figure this out because their are 2 separate python operations that are not connected.

The SettingWithCopy warning is a ‘heuristic’ to detect this (meaning it tends to catch most cases but is simply a lightweight check). Figuring this out for real is way complicated.

The .loc operation is a single python operation, and thus can select a slice (which still may be a copy), but allows pandas to assign that slice back into the frame after it is modified, thus setting the values as you would think.

The reason for having the SettingWithCopy warning is this. Sometimes when you slice an array you will simply get a view back, which means you can set it no problem. However, even a single dtyped array can generate a copy if it is sliced in a particular way. A multi-dtyped DataFrame (meaning it has say float and object data), will almost always yield a copy. Whether a view is created is dependent on the memory layout of the array.





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